Web offset press gives paper system technology the lecture (one)
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High speed receives paper machine automatically

High speed receives paper automatically, it is whole the circumstance that moves in punched tape high speed leaves the course that receive paper to be finished automatically. When asking the scroll that using uses formulary diameter (when saying old scroll is gone normally) , automatic and accurate the punched tape that does not have by accident will new old scroll is stickup together, punched tape of seasonable will old scroll is cut off, the punched tape of new scroll furnishs in time presswork use. Because high speed receives the punched tape in paper process automatically not to suspend campaign, can continue to offer paper partly to pressworking, do not have necessary setting so store paper orgnaization.

High speed receives paper machine automatically to be used at news to presswork with books and periodicals mostly with web offset press. Of the development as a result of the technology and paper quality rise, the reliability receiving paper that high speed receives paper machine automatically is very high also, also use at now so business web offset press.

The 1 , kind that high speed receives paper machine automatically

The type that high speed receives paper machine automatically is very much, introduce a few kinds of typical structures now.

High speed of ① arm type receives paper automatically machine

Quicken leather belt beforehand. Its action is quicken new scroll before receiving paper automatically, make new scroll by 0 fast the rate that needs to the place that receive paper quickly. General leather belt annulus by drive of an alone electric machinery, speed is controallable.

Quicken leather belt to include leather belt and its bracket, elevator form, electric machinery and its transmission system, leather belt is transverse the position adjusts an orgnaization (useful handwheel adjusts, the) of self-correcting of useful also electric machinery. Quicken besides leather belt beyond, useful also quicken annulus quicken, its action and quicken leather belt identical.

Receive paper arm. Its main effect is right when receiving paper punched tape pressurization, make ground of firmly of new old scroll is stuck together, cut off old scroll punched tape in time. The arm that receive paper basically includes pressurization wool to brush reach paper knife, paper knife length grows to take width at paper slightly.

Paper is worn on. Scroll is fixed go up in arm, have 3 arms and the branch of two arms commonly, use at 3 scroll to mix two scroll. This part basically includes to go up brake of orgnaization of the shift between axis of close orgnaization of card of scroll arm, scroll, scroll, scroll compose. Particular structure sees this telling 6.

High speed of ② dial type receives paper machine automatically: This kind of high speed receives paper to receive paper machine with type of two arms arm actually to paper machine identical. It replaced two arm with a dial, new scroll and old scroll install the disc that can turn in. The characteristic of this kind of machine giving paper is a structure compact. Commonly used the machine that is an aircrew at presswork and closing to paper, much scroll, what the web offset press of much paper road applies is more.
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