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2008 of Deluba extend meeting break before record, share ginseng of many 2000 manufacturer to exhibit probably, exhibiting area amounts to 170 thousand square metre, be equivalent to the size of 40 football grounds, altogether divides 17 houses. Kinds of big cent of item on display is: Before imprinting, reach cross media pre-treatment system, the software that includes facility shares 358 manufacturers ginseng to exhibit. The 2nd is printing machine instrument, include to presswork equipment and fittings share 783 manufacturers ginseng to exhibit, item on display achieved 414. 3, facilities of the bound, treatment after imprinting reachs books and periodicals fittings, altogether has 510 manufacturers ginseng to exhibit, the product achieved 329. 4, paper tastes treatment facilities, package machine and fittings, share 518 manufacturers ginseng to exhibit, the product achieves 196. Still have other. Deluba is exhibited because join,can postpone a business more, the product amounts to more than 4800. Because time and insitute of language are restricted, I prepare to introduce 4 parts.

The first part, of technology of the ink jet before imprinting presswork, the 2nd part the part about printing machine, the 3rd part is the technology about label and the equipment after imprinting 4 respects. I become the knowledge of a bit key first, make brief introduction first. I want to also concern concerned circumstance of home and this exhibition circumstance along with all the others union rises try to introduce. Because time, language is finite, hard to avoid has the ill will of speech flaw, forgive please.

Technology of the ink jet before imprinting

About ink jet technology presswork and the edition material of CTP, be in this of Deluba exhibit on the meeting, one of window that equipment of direct plate making and CTP edition material make computer be exhibited this, founder of Er of film of HP, Kodak, Fuji, contest, Beijing University waited 52 a moment to exhibit printing machine, love gram hair to waited for 27 to exhibit computer is direct straight edition machine, still have the Kodak, hair love a gram Wenzhou that adds China Kangerda exhibited CTP edition material.

I introduce Beijing University Founder the hardware equipment that newest development comes out, beijing University Founder exhibits in this 3 things exhibited on the meeting: One is the printing machine of ink jet art, one is CTP equipment, one is material of vulture dragon edition. Machine of Founder number ink-jet printing is China in home the first ink-jet printing aircraft that owns own intellectual property, they appear this to say China in us in Deluba is the first, its bear imprint content can be on a variety of material such as not paper film, dry glue ink jet, the effect is first-rate still.

The advantage is black-and-white quality the first admirable, the 2nd bear imprinted medium is varied, I do not become an explanation more. Low cost, cost-effective, operation it is handy, good to maintain compatibility of handy, printing ink, can satisfy the need of different client. The most important minutely can achieve 25 meters to presswork speed, gray scale class can reach 8 level, still have a few otherer index.
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