Deluba observes: The rich that offset print and number presswork weichis
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In Deluba 2008 presswork spread out act eve, international pressworks the bound is famous expert Andrew. Telibate (Andrew Tribute) developing way with respect to black-and-white future is offset print or digital black-and-white problem make following comments: After the product that in understanding place promising Deluba announces showpiece, can reach such conclusion, new figure pressworks the system can produce a few effects to offset print, presswork to be compared with the number, to add lubricious space, standard offset print does not need to add color and only color.

It is euqally good to presswork to whether resemble offset print about the number used issue, telibate's viewpoint is, the person that a lot of commerce presswork offers a number to presswork to serve with offset print at the same time for their client, but face a work every time when, want which kind of pressworking to be a choice the method is anxious, this can show an issue only, that pressworks two kinds namely the method is very perfect.

The advantage of offset print is speed fast, presswork size is large, the flexibility that after this increased to imprint, machines. Digital black-and-white advantage is, OK and online the treatment after imprinting finishs booklet, still can presswork in same process different bear imprint content. Because offset print and digital black-and-white quality had done not have a difference, can according to impression more or less to mix presswork the discretion of cost will choose to use offset print or the number pressworks.

Presswork in what imprint since how many impression certainly cost discretion when, which kind of pressworking is methodological cost cheap? This is the question that answers very hard. Manufacturer of different offset press and manufacturer of digital printing machine have very big difference about the view of this problem. Hai Debao expresses, the short edition impression of printing machine of their Speedmaster 52 Anicolor and number presswork to be compared, its point of tangency is 250 pieces, compare petty gain relatively from offset print of reinstate of this point of tangency. And HP (HP) the company alleges, they are new-style printing machine of Indigo 7000 number is pressworking compare with B3 offset press when the booklet of 8 pages, its point of tangency is in 1800; Presswork to live likewise in use number printing machine when compare with B2 offset press, its point of tangency is in 990. Because this is OK conjectural, the point of tangency of printing machine of HP Indigo number is to be based on the conclusion that reachs quite with other trademark offset press, and the technical level of the offset press that compares with its is certainly under the technical level of printing machine of Hai Debao Speedmaster 52 Anicolor. Apply happy company to have the number of point of tangency that compares with offset print photograph as much. Supplier of digital printing machine to offer most of economy presswork method, stock is used at differring to live the computational plan of a type and impression.
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