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Small dark: Mr Guo Xuan Mr Zhao Guangye

One, the mechanical function of offset press

Odd to contemporary high speed piece of paper is polychromatic for the part giving paper of offset press, it should assure to the stability of paper and accuracy give when high speed pressworks not only, and even mature all sorts of elements, do not reach width of cloth in order to suit with the type bear imprint material.

Small dark machine giving paper used design of 8 suction nozzle, can undertake stabilizing feeding to the paper with thick 0.04~0.8mm, and be defeated by chipboard to remain pace belt, deployed on its but the wool is defeated by paper with mobile whole is brushed, reach paper annulus, this kind of arrangement is right very not normative or quality is not quite good bear imprint material also has better adaptability.

Do not have to ensure those who send paper is accurate by accident, prevent to send paper breakdown and paper waste, small dark used mechanical, photoelectricity type and the form that inductive type photograph combines are right those who give paper process is askew, double piece, empty Zhang Jin is controlled all right. Its give paper orgnaization to did not use the lap formula of at present popularity, still is to go up place type. Imprint at present engine speed can amount to 15000 pieces / hour, give paper smooth and accurate, nonexistent to paper flabby and imprint fast the view that goes up not to go, and return leave out one takes paper (ongoing paper) platen, presswork to 4 commonly used kinds, need paper 8 times to have sex only can finish, of course to pressworking quality had further safeguard.

In addition, swinging give what install on paper tooth axis to prevent medicinal powder end device can compensate paper to come loose end, this have real sense to domestic user.

Presswork it is not important that partial platen ranges way, because no matter be " 7 " o'clock or " 5 " o'clock layout, have each its are short long. Look from practical effect, the machine that arranges means to differ is pressworking the difference on the maneuverability of quality and machine is not big, besides, in the product line of some manufacturer two kinds of layout have.

Times doubler diameter embossing platen and times doubler diameter gives paper platen to be in make sure black-and-white quality and the advantage that enlarge adaptability to go up already were carried out to confirm. Small dark sheet piece paper offset press also is this kind of means, but the air cushion type of mean when guiding was not used on paper system travel guides paper pattern, use however above the bag has prevent loiter of paper of dirty special cloth those who roll a body give paper platen to assure to deliver paper process printed sheet to be not blown loiter and cut.

Small dark it is current exclusive one is being carried on the back presswork two kinds of means, the perfecting that takes the perfecting that retroflexion and double deck unilateral to hold a mouth namely makes manufacturer particularly, and also be exclusive one commercializes manufacturing double deck the manufacturer of double-faced offset press, this kind of type is to be aimed at magazine of chromatic books and periodicals to presswork of the market, since 1998 this model already installed many 40 in the whole world.
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