Compound presswork the technology can bring high additional cost for you
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To improve the use efficiency of printing machine effectively, reduce the investment of hardware equipment, gao Bao from last centuries 90 time end already began research and development compound presswork technology. The applied foundation of this kind of technology is compound printing ink.

Compound printing ink is told simply even if common printing ink is mixed ultraviolet the effective union of printing ink, to pressworking for equipment, it does not need to resemble pure ultraviolet presswork special in that way and complex configuration, if appropriative is ultraviolet Chinese ink roller, a lot of among dry etc; Compound printing ink besides have ultraviolet outside a lot of advantage of printing ink, it still has mineral oil at the same time base a lot of advantages of printing ink, be like the ability of fast solidify, with the good union sex of ultraviolet light oil, the brightness that can make ultraviolet light oily loses the rate that reduces lowest; A printing machine of typical compound printing ink can presswork already common printing ink also can presswork compound printing ink is ultraviolet even printing ink; Most important is, through compound presswork technology, people can be obtained a few common ultraviolet presswork or double glazing pressworks to cannot be achieved presswork the effect and brightness, be like local or all grind arenaceous effect, effect removing protruding to wait.

Compound model printing machine can apply compound printing ink to presswork already reach undertake UV glazing, can apply traditional offset print to printing ink pressworks and undertake glazing of ability in swimming again, and can be in changeover goes to the lavatory between two kinds of mode of operation, and need not change rubber roll, mackintosh and stoving module. Of high to taking craft innovation, seek seriously additional cost presswork for the enterprise, this it may be said is a right choice.