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As the sources of energy in short supply phenomenon is increasingly serious, energy-saving fall bad news already became each to presswork one of main jobs of the enterprise, its purpose is to raise economic benefits, presswork itself is machine, light, report reachs a variety of raw material stock. The complex course that runs integratedly, applied form is handed in how, greatly benefit can be caught. The author accumulated equipment management of a few years and maintenance experience, the facility that joins a company uses a situation, talk about a bit result to experience, offer a reference.

1. Do good pump maintenance, maintain the job, improve pump composition, raise utilization rate

As equipment movement changes development to high speed, many offset press all are configured now have two pump, offset press of a J2108B all has two of my company double-faced offset press in pump. When equipment runs, auxiliary pump receiving paper works, equipment stops the jockey when turning to disrelish a trouble to also shut auxiliary pump, pump is long-term idling, waste is very big. According to pump job characteristic and old maintenance experience, the author discovers advocate the filling gas tolerance of pump can be used completely at receiving paper to suck wind earnest, can replace two pump job completely with a pump namely, leave out the operation that pump receiving paper closes when quiting the job. The method is as follows: Drop the plastic screw strip of filling gas, mount pipe fittings of a wind.

This is to be transformed for my company leave out 3 pump, saved many expenditure. We are the pump of 5KW with a power, everyday two duty 16 hours, a year 250 weekday, charge of electricity 0.06 yuan. Kilowatt hour is calculated, one year only charge of electricity can save 12 thousand yuan for the company, expend plus the depreciation cost of 3 pump, upkeep, oil etc, can save twelve thousand five hundred yuan every year at least. This transforms benefit to comparative to be watched.

Pump at ordinary times it is very vertical, important also to maintain. Pump of summertime high temperature damages the most easily, should clear regularly so mesh, maintain pump cleanness and drafty. Start because pump is long-term often, pump controls fan annulus Chang Yi to damage, especially the fixed screw Yi Song on fan annulus is moved, fault rate is high. The fixed screw that goes up to prevent fan annulus becomes loose, we took corresponding step, die 6 when secure fan annulus riveting of 3 semmetry, can prolong pump service life, managing upkeep costs, and it is not difficult also that after improving, fan annulus changes, need to use emery wheel burnish only and the screw with dead riveting.
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