In use of offset press rubber roll should note 6 problems
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1.Presswork rubber roll basically is to deliver printing ink on offset press. Accordingly, when cleaning rubber roll daily, must clean clean seriously, can make layer of rubber roll surface and oxidation of painty, colophony make a smooth and good film otherwise, cause exterior vitrification and the influence sends handwriting or painting. If often clean ungodliness, surface of rubber roll of with the passing of time will be uneven and bad to use. Accordingly, stop answer when machine rubber roll abluent put away reserves.

2.Because of,be in in offset print operation " water big ink stick is big " emulsification of generation printing ink, close water basis was formed on flowing rubber roll, make it takes off Chinese ink. Settling way is to shovel emulsification Chinese ink, use the rubber roll that take off Chinese ink gas abluent, with the hydrogen of 5% oxidation natrium aqueous solution and floatstone pink mix burnish, be opposite at the same time metallic roller (or hard roller) also should do corresponding processing. Hard roller also can drench in water asperse condition to fall, with fine water arenaceous burnish, the attention cannot be secured keep ocean to be in same position, can damage otherwise rubber roll. Basic measure or control water fight fluid PH to be worth, do well balance of water Chinese ink.

3.Rubber roll has been used long ageing, again of together with chemical erode, cause sodden glue to drop " broken bits " , such rubber roll had better not reuse, affect badly otherwise imprint quality quantity.

4.For guarantee against the influence is produced and presswork quality, must have reserve Mo Gun, but also do not store avoid ageing too much. Of rubber roll like depositing environment and mackintosh. Additional, rubber roll should be in in journal flat had worn, and the surface does not want be contacted each other or contact with other goods, lest rubber roll is out of shape.

5.Rubber roll should not deposit in the vicinity of the place of large electromotor, dynamo. A large number of ozone that produce because of these equipment can make ageing of rubber roll surface and fission.

6.When weather is cold, printing ink is hit not divide evenly, can add auxiliary material in printing ink appropriately, prohibit warming oneself with infrared ray implement wait for equipment rubber roll of roast printing ink, prevent rubber roll combustion.
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