Equipment safeguards: Odd the platen of piece of paper printing machine maintain
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Well-known, on each offset machine, 125 variable need get controlling, because this maintains black-and-white consistency,also became a very inaccessible target. An expert before imprinting once said with me, the environment of the workshop before they are imprinting produces metabolic circumstance to fall ceaselessly, production gives an error to be in the digital forme of 0.5% less than. Why we don't do this is a very complex issue, but we can work through holding to optimal practice and control flow will undertake administrative to printing machine better.

The hardness of the platen on printing machine may bring the following issue to you greatly too: Rank of tone pitch substantially the grain of design of faintness of rough, site, half-tone changes the irregular of brim of failure of pilot of the addition of shadow of ghost of growth, inhomogenous site density, mechanical sex, colour, site, on the spot of color piece presswork the effect is not ideal.

To avoid the occurrence of these problems, printing machine operates personnel to must assure the clean sex of platen, sex suction Chinese ink and pliability. I may read the hardness that printing machine manufacturer puts forward to each platen to ask. Some manufacturer may be right the hardness requirement that the position that goes up in printing machine according to the function of platen and them raises to differ to them, and the hardness value that some manufacturer offer possibly to apply to all platen for the user. Now, you must want those who be your to presswork platen chooses an appropriate hardness value, hold this numerical value as far as possible go down.

In be illuminated by ultraviolet light when shoot or be in high temperature and the environment that oxidize easily to fall, platen can harden. Accordingly, best the place that can store platen in a darkness, let them be far from heat source and electric motor.

The platen that wants to allow printing machine keeps soft, the hot water that perhaps had better contain 15% vinegar with the solution that take off calcium every week undertakes cleaning to them. In addition, every arrive on the weekend when, operation personnel still should clean an agent to clean platen thoroughly with Mo Gun, undertake rinsing to platen again in Zhou Yi's morning. If possible sentence, avoid to use chemical drug on platen as far as possible, and cannot use steel to fill up stoutly. Below ideal situation, best can every other a quarter all platen that attend press debus will undertake be cleaninged by hand, meanwhile, undertake clearing to the bracket of printing machine and frame even. This is a formidable task, but wanted you to be paid hard only, disappear with respect to what can see besmirch certainly and presswork of quality rise.

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