How to reduce cost of paper of M-600 cycle printing machine
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This exemple explains the machine is Hai Debao M, engine of 600 business cycle. Because its have rate fast (40000 pieces / H) , dog automatically set clean mackintosh definitely, automatically, 0 fast receive paper and the characteristic such as a variety of foldout means, be pressworked of the person of the same trade reputably. Must be opposite with reel white paper as a result of cycle engine edition, it can have used round of paper to have pair of edition repeatedly unlike platform machine, created certain waste to paper so, raised manufacturing cost. Accordingly, to solve this problem, we are right whole presswork the research that every link in the process had development and strict control, obtained remarkable positive result, its measure and method are as follows.

   One, plan stage

Undermentioned examination has before switch on the mobile phone, needless person is caused as a result of these reasons after avoiding to switch on the mobile phone to stop machine, because every restart,waste those who cause at least 170 pieces of white paper.

Undertake paper detects above all. Should set person specially assigned for a task to undertake microscope to the weight of web and outer packing, if scroll damaged is serious, can carry go a lot of paper, create the waste of paper. Accordingly, to make sure every coil paper can get be usinged effectively, must produce exceedingly the first close, ability is accomplished truly reduce cost.

Going up next before paper, must clean ground sanitation, cleared and petty sand, carry scroll outer packing is opened below paper wearing (the osculatory) that reduces scroll and area. Because a very small sand can cause a few paper,can appear a lot of small holes, and M, the smooth eye with 600 cycle advanced aircraft detects device, inspect very small paper hole to be paper signal, can cause consequently cut off punched tape, machine automatically to stop urgently, come so, not only can cause serious harm to the machine, and reopen machine should waste ream again piece. Additional, when purify scroll outer packing, the attention should pick outer packing paper gently, with be not being destroyed plastic the skin that pack is advisable.

The 3rd, the item that the place before edition should notice on is to should check layout, lozenge piece (rise to dog, cover accurate action) the filament all round, filament must wipe up, reentry travel edition scans, beforehand the operating sequence such as parameter of face of buy positive and negative. The 4th, inspect glue to order, ride to order or take page case, the beautiful knife that should adjust good set square to go up or break a knife; At the same time according to book size circumstance, adjust good folding machine and caboodle machine to accumulate.
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