Solution of rehabilitate of surface of platen of shallow analyse offset press
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Technology of brush plating thermal spraying

Case: Because this machine is long-term use quarto paper pressworks, bring about water Chinese ink corrodes cave in beyond quarto maximum part achieves 0.15mm left and right sides, overprint forbids!

Because circumferential linear velocity is consistent when rubber platen and embossing roll roll, successive is used reduce presswork pressure full page is on-the-spot the method of draw a design, with color of quarto part Chinese ink appearance is fiducial, decide to deepness is corroded beyond quarto, undertake brushing plating and rehabilitate. A wholer process is below.

1 , pretreatment. Go with saw blade shovel first above platen the greasy filth of long-term deposit, wash agent, acetone with Qing Dynasty next printing ink of preliminary eliminate surface, the method that report handles reoccupy electrochemistry completely, further processing. Because consider its,platen material is character cast-iron, and because be used for a long time,make memory of clearance of cast-iron surface element has the dirty thing such as printing ink, use activation of 3 2 date, activating solution twice so, so that apply plating next.

2, humanness is versed in whole brushs dish of printing machine plating platen. Whole brushs plating is for platen the film that go up is a whole, and reduced film join, reduced the issue that brings because of combining a likelihood between two film thereby. Plating to full page on-the-spot draw a design does not have hollow site till.

3, trim geometrical precision range. Use profile modeling watt first, red lead pink finds out the high point that platen plating gives, reoccupy oilstone, waterproof abrasive paper grinds the part of tower above, undertake repeatedly, until with magnetic force the watch is measured give 4 platen " circumferential and flowing and synchronous " jumpy in 0.05mm less than, bedding face is subtle and jumpy in 0.02mm less than, with full edition on-the-spot draw a design 4 kinds of appearance, till Chinese ink color is even. Because quarto part uses reseau edition overprint to still allow, so the overprint after repair and quarto do not have difference. (this other reason that eliminates to bring about printing machine overprint to forbid, other reason does not discuss in this article in)

Precision of this kind of craft is gotten high relative to the means of above much, at present this kind of technology or the maintenance division that need major are done, cost photograph contrast is taller, the craft that stems from printing machine nevertheless asks or advocate quite use.
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